List of Hot Emo Hairstyles For Boys and Guys

Emo has been associated with emotional, introvert, and shy. It has deep emotion described by music, fashion, & style. One of the several signs of it is the applying of emo hairstyle. Emo hairstyles have been an increasing social trend in the last few years. This started back in the 1980s but seems to have morphed throughout the years. Emo does not necessarily have a strict definition as to what a correct hairstyle has but it more has to do with the individual person. The hairstyles can mean different things for different people.

A boy with his emo hairstyle
Emo Hairstyle.

Whether you are talking about hairstyles for emo boys, guys, or emo girls, the hairstyle often will involve black hair surrounded by plumes of brightly colored hair with long bangs brushed to one side (often covering one eye), asymmetrical lines, & sometimes spiky hair (if it’s short) in the back. You can choose to have all black as your hairstyle if that so pleases you. Different colors may be used altogether and you may see many people with Emo hairstyles who do not alternate any colors.

Emo boys often may have more black within their hairstyle. The person may seem quieter depending upon who you talk to. This comes down to individual style though and there may be some bright colors thrown in to mix things up.

Emo girls may use black as the basic color or may alternate a bit more than the boys often will. Multiple colors do not even need to be used but rather one color can be used. It is then about making sure to have the hair cut and thinned properly.


How to Create Emo Haircut

The video below shows you how to create emo hair:


Pictures Gallery of Emo Hairstyles



Andres Gorgeous Hairstyles



Paul Griffiths Hairstyles




Andy Six Hairstyles

Emo Boys

Emo boys are generally shy boys who are far more introvert than extrovert, but you might find this hard to believe taking into consideration their outward appearance. They never pretend to be tough, wear a piercing or two on their face, generally in the lip, and have a good sense of style. Traditionally they have racing hearts and no fear of showing how they feel taboutthe world. If they are sad they say so, would not be caught dead in the gym, and are generally very artistic. The thinner and taller an Emo guy is, the better the girls like him!

Emo embraces individuality and rejects and mainstream trends. It is a daring look, and to carry it off comfortably with confidence you have to be daring. The complete Emo picture is created by dressing the part. The boys will generally wear tight jeans, black jeans, t-shirts with the name of rock bands emblazoned on them, vintage clothing, loads of armbands, studded belts and beanies.

View the photos of emo boys & guys:

1. The Emo Mohawk

Emo Mohawk hairstyle for young boy

The movement’s version of a mohawk is one of the strangest yet most compelling emo hairstyles for teen guys I’ve ever seen. It’s weird, but I kind of get it. Some emo dudes opt for a double mohawk, while others leave their sideburns in place.



  • i am Emo…so i already have it! im a girl & love everything about Emo hairstyles, clothes & everything else. The problem is i go to school, so im not allowed to dye my hair crazy colours!!! 🙁 or get my lip pierced or anything like that…i am very artistic too! people look down on me because im Emo…that up sets me…but, then i think "i don't care, because i'm different and thats good!!! i appreciate everybody…as i appreciate every Emo in the world. I also absolutely love My Chemical Romance, (they are the BEST!!!) even though they aren't an Emo band. EMO POWER TO THE END!!! I Am Not Affraid To Keep On Living!!! <3 love you Gerard Way & Frank Iero!!! <3

    • your considered emo? first off emo’s don’t accept that their emo’s.
      They deny it. Your not a technical emo then if u except it.
      Emo’s don’t technically act any differ than a normal human being
      They are just a little bit diferent from the way they have been treated
      Emo’s love to cause mostly drama in their minds…
      IF you do that like i do (I’m not emo) Get that hint and you are the emo stereotype

      • wow….. emo people dont have to accept or deny that they are emo. im a scene/emo boy. and im proud of it. you see punks with their mohawks and grenades, and chains n stuff, you see goths with tripps eyeliner black clothing and all that, and they dont deny it. cuz they are proud to be who they are. and emo ppl do act differently then other ppl. everyone acts differently. goths act different from other ppl… and each other.. preps and jocks all act differently from everyone, and each other. so do emos. and you just stereotyped emo with “drama”. everyone causes drama. not just emos. i love my life, and i stay away from drama as much as possible and i have always been the “emo kid” at school. and plus, emo is just a style, it has nothing to do with attitude, suicide, drama, its just people showing how they like to be different than other people. so really….. learn shit before you start spewing about OTHERS being fake. and fake n gay to you my friend

        • STFU u seem lyke a lowlife tal;king like tht 2 us just bak off. we r who we r. if u dont like it then keep it 2 ur self. just keep tht sh*t 2 urself. and if anyone is fake its ur dipsh*t *ss…… a freind.

          • When you learn to spell I think you will also learn that he was right and who are you to judge his opinion

          • hey kid, one thing. maybe you should go back to elementary school to learn to spell right. then you should work on not censoring swears with multiplication marks. -_-

        • Ok for one yes I’m a emo but being rude just aint my thing so you don’t have to act like that to basically act all big and bad because it’s annoying and I’m not trying to be rude but acting like this is bull crap stick the spirit stick back up yo but and it get off of it!!!!

      • get lost. this isn’t your style, so go stick your nose in someone ELSES buisness and leave our community ALONE.

    • oh my god. i found my twin!!!
      i too am emo
      my school doesnt allow crazy hair dye
      i want to get my lip pierced too! -not allowed by school-
      i luv art. check my devart
      MCR is my life.
      so looong and goodniiight!!!

      oh my god. i never thought i would be so alike with smn else on earth!!!

    • i agree i know how you feel when people look dwn on yhuu im an emo too so i also support emo power!!!!!!!!!(:

      • i want to show my emo in me but am afraid. ive been bullied for years and years and want to show my inner self but i am afraid. idk what hair style to go with either plz help

  • The funkiest and cutest hair style goes to picture emo 15!

    I dont get it is emo a religion cos its a way of life hence it is a religion.

  • nah man i have to grow my hair but i cant get the blend, a guy on american idol u no adam lambert he has AWSOME hair, but my hair never stays that sorta fluffy if u no what i mean

  • Hey peeps. I really want my hairstyle like this but i currently have dreads and I'm black. Is there a way i could get this and it still look good?

    Link to my Myspace page to me for example:

    • um…. cut the dreads down to where you are bald… ya thats the only way to get rid of them…… the let your hair grow about down to your eyebrows in front and a little longer in the back. it will take a while but it will turn out good in the end. then after it gets that long you gotta get it layerd, or else it just looks bleh, you know? then let it grow out longer and longer till you are satisfied with it, keeping it clean and straighten it alot. after you straighten it for a long time it should be somewat straighter naturally. then color it however you want it, and if the layers have come out, relayer it and then style it. alot of teasing will be necessary if you want a volumated look. hairspray is your best friend. haha

  • wats up. i love emo hair and so does my girlfriend. but i have a few problems, my original hair color is jet black, but is slowly turning brown because of sun. and my dad wont let me dye it… my girlfriend has the same problem. it sucks, any1 have suggestions?

  • im an emo and love bill kaulitz's hairstyle! its f*ckin awesome! my hair is straightened, and combes to cover my right eye, with spiked blonde highlights on the side/back my gf says it looks hot so im stickin with that! Tokio Hotel is the best!!! i respect any emo out there because i know what they go through…all my teachers hate my guts though and so do all the gay preps, and jocks but the nerds for some reason look up to us for fashion, but hate us in intelligence. lawl 😉

  • I am an emo and I love my freaking hair!!!!! It is soooo hot!!!It is straightened its medium length and my bangs go across my forehead covering my right eye. Its black but has like blonde highlights all over it and some red. My bf says it is super hot so I think I will keep it for a while. You are so true all the teachers act like I am a alien or something. And the gays and jocks hate me. Haha Alex Evans is Hot!! But everytime I mention him my bf gets super jealous. Haha. He has emo hair to. Super hot!!

  • My Chemical Romance is NOT emo. Im My Chem fan for 6 years, I think i know everything about them and they are not emo. Dont follow someone who tells you they are emo when they only like the band cause Frank and Gerard are "cute". It is disgusting. by the way, they are already said this.

    Im not emo, sorry. (LOL)

  • oli sykes, ha ha, that kid is a sexy beast!!! attention to all males, emo or not, most girls enjoy emo/scene boys, ha ha. whenever i see one i always smile 🙂

  • Being emo is not being different. You are still following a trend. You all look alike.
    You think you look cool and standout when there is another few million of you running aound wearing the same shit.
    Calling yourself an Emo well thats just kids stuff.

    • ya…. there are a fewmillion of us.. but there are over 6 billion ppl in the world……. just think about it

  • theres less emos than jocks and preps etc. so yeah, it is different because each emo may be emo but there personality is reflected on there outside image and everybodys different

  • August 7 2009: right, man! took me awhile to notice that. okay really to months:)emo is just a trend. and there are kids ho really have problems not kids who cut themselves or whorship satan cause its cool. -_- socity is crashing as we know it!

  • Its not being an indivudal anymore, nowadays a ton of guys do it because they think they are being individuals when all they are doing is following a new trend.

  • im going to grow out my hair so i have an emo look, i also wanted to die my hair black but my mom says she will only die my hair darker so wats the differce
    email me at
    and give me some advice about my hair
    or mail me on myspace, add me as a friend,heres my myspace profile name thing ok ?=heart
    ????dont break it???? or if that doesnt work type in vaughn cardwell

  • i want these kinda haristyles but my hair is too short too do them =/ and i have to cut my hair today because there is a celebrity tomoro !

    • just go onto a pic site and look for a hairstyle that you think looks good and you would like on urself. print off that picture and take it to the person who cuts ur hair. a normal everyday barber shop wouldnt do this stuff. you would need to go to an actual hair/beauty salon to get it done.


    • 😛 haha. ok first… it dont take anything to be emo. but there will be LOTS of haters trying o put you down. the only thing you reallly need is a steel hard attitude towards them. just cuz u are different dont mean you are alien. anyone can be emo/scene if they want. just be yourself, thats what makes a good emo;individualism. two…… it dont matter if you have curly hair. i have a friend who has an afro and still does this. all you have to do is comb it and straighten it ALOT!!! haha it will take a long time depending on how curly ( wavy=5-10 minutes, medium curly= 5 – 25 minutes, really curly = 15 -25 minutes, full blown afro= 25 minutes- an hour the first few times) after you straighten it for a long time, it shoudl be naturally straighter, not much though, but it wont take as long. and finally…. parents…. my parents didnt really like it at first.. but now my mom wants to convert to.. “emoism”..? haha. just dont go full blown right away, slowly start on it if they are iffy about you doing the whole emo thing. start with the pants…… skinnys n watever, thenget urself some good shoes…… (etnies, nike, etc etc..) then go with the hair, just straighten it for a while. tell them you want to try something different. after you start straightening it for a bit….. (couple weeks) tell them you want to dye it. just go with the black at first. then style your hair, straighten it and go to the hair salon and get it layered, or whatever you like. then get color in it. and eventuallly you will be able to look like a lil emo kid 😉

      • I have seen just the type of haircut you’re takilng on many of the boys around here. I’ve often wondered how they manage to walk around without running into things with all that hair in their face.Kristen recently posted Twitter:

  • Attention to all emos…get up and go to the alley. Now crawl in the dumpster, now grab the razor and just slit your wrist. that would be a big improvement

    • hey stupid bitch, most emos act like NORMAL humans, just with a creative side. soo why dont you go crawl in a dumpster and jack of or what ever you jocks do.

    • wtf man why would you even say that, i dont rep the emo look but that dosnt mean there suicidal. wats the difference between me now or if i did rep the look? think about it proberly didnt get to college?

  • To anonymous post October 6 – It seems you haven't read any of the article at all and have simply adopted the same common mindset of many teenagers. You are rude and unthinking. I'm not emo, I'm far too old for that tribal rubbish and I'm only 18 – it's a bore, sorry. I'm shy and introverted and I did once wear my hair like Bill Kaulitz's however do I consider myself emo? No. I liked his hair so I wanted to give it a try. We live in a postmodern age or mix and match.
    And to those who even comment on emo being a tend and not individual: the people who focus on such things usually believe they are individual however they conform to their own little group through the social normative influence of music genre. People can dress and wear their hair how they like, the varieties in personalities make the difference of the person.

  • UMMMMMMMMMM………………..
    well i guess the new "emo" hairstyle is in now but not every emo whould appriceate this blog or wht ever you want to call it

  • *facepalm* My Chemical Romance is not emo..if anything they are Post-hardcore Punk rock. If you want emo go look up Hawthorne Heights

  • im 15 and my dad wont let me sparay my hair black 🙁 can i get away with it just bein long and straigtened? o, just to let u know, i am a real emo and i want to look the part

  • the only reason im here is because i wanna have shorter hair and still look scene. and the person who made this article associates emo with scene when emo is a culture and scene is a trend. scene isnt about standing out or fitting in, its just having your hair how you feel comfortable/fashionable.

    • course you can have short scene hair. there are lots of hairstyles for shorter scene hair. but how long are we talking? 2 inches? nahhhhh nothing really. 6 inches? sure you can do it. just straighten…… color… spikes and whatever you like…. try to keep some bangs though lol.

  • hi im andrew im 12,
    i have hair roughly the same as number 15 with no spikes or anything except mine is brown, i want hair the same as the guy with black and blonde tips long the guy with tats and his arm on the car but my dad wont let me dye my hair black or anything and hates me having it long. i like my hair and designed it myself, i have one side coming out a bit more than the other but i really want a change.
    i am emo inside but dad wont let me show it on the outside. How do i help this EMO ON!!!! get back?

  • all you young dudes with cool, individualistic hair styles rock. emo is the most wild and therefore threatening to a lot of your dads, i had same, just keep battling for what you want. wear your hair the way you think is cool, change it, do outrageous things to it. now is when your hair is at it's best so now is best time. keep creating! you guys are great.

  • hahaha! i dont believe it! 5th row down, 3rd from the left, that looks exactly like me, except i have shaggy hair now and its dark brown…

  • To anonymous post October 6- wtf you obviously don't think before you speak bcuz your talking out of your ass. *rolls eyes* insensitive jerk.

    @everyone else- hawttt!! i'm an emo girl and I have blue bangs. they rock xD <3 emos r awesumm

  • I don't mind the emo hairstyle, but I don't get why it has to be jet black or have crazy highlights. I think that if a persons natural hair color was used, it would look much more attractive. I also prefer to see people's eyes, so please keep it just short enough so that I can see you! The guy that I like has hair sort of like that… he just grew it out, and I think that it looks good, but he looked better before.

  • I dont mind emos, cause they're more down on earth and cool.. But scene kids?! wtf is up with them?? they're just f*ckin about acting like jackasses and when ppl see them, they go 'emos are soo rude and destructive' cause they dont know the difference!

      • hey now. just cuz we have some jackasses in our cliq or watever, dont mean we ALL are. and some of us know lots about the emo style. hell i used to go for the whole emo style once. so dont be so quit on the trigger bro

  • Oh God damn. Getting my haircut on monday and have no idea how im gonna get it done. :(.. yaaaay not lol. emo hairstyles always have fascinated me. i used to have one but it kinda sucked so i cut it. now to not repeat that mistake was wondering if anyone could tell me what a good one would be..

  • Man. Seeing all these makes me think dads can act like real assholes towards their sons. Let them freaking be what THEY want to be! Btw: I officaly want an emo hair style- ASAP

  • I had to cut my hair for work:( Mine looked like one of the last pics. The guy with short blonde hair and seein it made me miss my hair even more:/

  • well good info and list. At the moment i have olis style dyed black. This Will help by telling you but em,o stlye is about individuality and creativity. So of anything create your won look. But it’s bad when i see about 10 emo kids look the same jut different music taste and clothe.s But of anything if you get the look you don;’t have to dye it unless you want to. But to anyoen who says tihs is a trend well of anything it’s a good trend. But remebber form what if posted be individualitisc and creative.

  • I am emo, and being emo isn’t being different. IT IS BEING YOURSELF. I’m tired of people saying that. Also there are all those people that say that we piss you off for some reason. If we are all different then how do we all piss you off?

    @ANON from june 30, 2009: I know what you mean, but remember, a lot of emos are nerds too, like

    Any who, love the hairstyles, remember if you get a hair style that looks good but is uncomfortable….then you made the wrong choice. COMFORT IS KEY!

    Hit me up if you wanna chat. PEACE

  • alright i dont think im emo but everybody calls me emo in my school im 16 and a junior in highschool…i think they just call me that because im quiet an i wear super skinnys and black t shirts and i have long hair…like down to my shoulders long, it either covers up my face or i move it out of my face when i wear my beanie…can somebody tell me if im emo or not and explain to me y people call me emo…i have been trying to figure it out for a while and its really bugging me 😛

    • Hey, Emo was originally a term for people who are emotional. But honestly everyone can be drama hungry whores. From preps to emos. Everyone is the same are close in certain aspects. But in the ways we’re different, we shouldn’t be criticized. For all of you who like to trash talk out of insecurity or to something different, just keep it to yourself… And I love these hairstyles and everything about emo/scene lifestyles. I always will! It’s too bad stress has a way of making your hair line recede at age 16… Yeah I’m mortified of losing my long hair. But anyways, don’t change anything about yourself no matter what. I don’t, and I will never. I’ll even wear wigs! XD You’re only emo if you have a mental state that proves so. The styles are a little different.

    • bro, you dont need anything to be emo 🙂 as long as you dont give a sh*t what ANYONE thinks, and follow your own ideas, do whatever the f*ck you want with your hair, youre plenty emo to me. i might even party with you someday.

      -a good day to you, my friend.

  • I wish these pictures had side views and rear views… I heard that they came out with a perm that is not damaging to hair. Has anyone else heard of it?

  • The guy with the purple fringe, I am dieing to make my hair look like his, but I am still in the process of growing it back out. :.(

  • I dont care -_-
    but im an emo and its nothing new to me just people pick me as they do others but i hang out with people cause people are people nothing else we are humans weather we like it or not but im a boy emo just dont be picking on anyone just because their difrent and i am not proud but their is no such thing as proudness too me , but im not a goth im not a punk im not a prep im just a human , by the emo kid -_-

  • wats ↑
    im 15 and im building up on my emo appearance
    i listen to rock, metal, and mostly dubstep
    theres just one problem: im black -_-
    and i want one of these hairstyles but if i let my hair grow out it will turn into a stupid afro |:/
    so any advice on wat 2 do with my hair before i see skrillex?
    and i just got a haircut so…yeah..

    • I sometimes get accessories from Spencers or Hot Topic, but a lot of emo-like clothes can be found at secondhand stores like Ross (that’s where I go at least). But the key to an emo style (in my opinion) is wearing clothes you think look good, not what others think looks good 🙂
      Hope that helps some!

  • Hey guys,…..
    i want being emo boy so’ i want to know every thing about emo attitude ,expression , dress up ,looks ,style every thing so i want to know everything about emo………………….i thing u guys help m out…

  • Can i request a guide or idea on how to do David Gallegos, Se7en from brokencydes hair, ive been really interested in learning how to do it

  • sorry about my english guys l’m libyan arabian emo scens boy 15years old … Amm i’m not surly black i’m white and my band name is tB-M i grouped it when my heart is broken (hard to say) i love rock, metal ,nu metal ,altv…….. But i don’t know y the people makes fun of me am i with that different ???

    Oh i like those pics and my hair looks like the guy with purple or pink bangs ecxept i didn’t dye it
    My ID is
    Thanks for reading……

  • I’m 13 and I wanna have my hair like the first picture, the guy with a purple fringe, but I have no idea how to do it and my mother keeps making me cut my hair.

    Can someone tell me how to make my hair like that? Please!
    My email is:

    • U can just cut the back to 1 inch or 1in a half. In the front leave it 3 to 4 inches long. The one you chose is awesome. I should make mine that way. U can look me up on Twitter @KaliebMoffitt.

  • I want my hair to be like Bill Kaulitz’s emo hairstyle. My mom said I could make it that way. ALL OF THEM KICK ASS!! : ) Anyway I want to be a emo anyway. You can find me On twitter @KaliebMoffitt.

  • I don’t like to lable myself, but I do get called emo, scene, and goth regularly (lawl), and I really do like the styles. They’re all very creative and I view them all artistically.
    These hairstyles are all awesome. And to those who consider themselves emo/scene/goth/punk/etc. I say more power to you! BE PROUD OF WHO YOU ARE! Don’t even care about what others think; your opinion is the most important. Long live alternatives 🙂

  • I want to cut my hair now but my parents are extremely strict and think that emo hair cuts are for fags please give me tips. (sorry but I’m not emo.)

    • Tell them to shut up its your hair and no there not just for f4gs there for straight guys too (*~*) u can look me up on twitter @KaliebMoffitt! (*~*)

  • my school sucks because they have the worst rule ever:no dying,and you should keep your hair short what the f##k who makes the rules.

  • ha got a hair cut yesterday and said i wanted a simple emo cut fringe and thay f**k it up and its now only a normal fringe and my friend hayley has a simpke emo hair cut with red hair and it looks really good and i just wnted to the fringe not the hole head but emo cuts are madd !!!!!!!!

  • i want a similar hairstyle but im afraid my parents or people in general might view me “different” and also i dontwant to ask a barber in fear of embarassment but i want the hair …. 🙁 what should i do

    • bill cheese !! dun b so afrid abut ur parentz n society itz urz lif live lik u want ……. U r yong wild n free !!!! Go n style yr hair lik u wannn try !!! BEST OF LUCK

  • Agh my hair already has layers but it just doesnt look the way i want it i think i need 2 thin it but my mom wont let me :(but i think im just gonna do it wish me luck (:

  • people judge us beofre they even know our damn name i mean wtf its hard being an emo in memphis lots of haterzzz but its alll funny me and my gf getem all the time we just laugh and look at there face while ther confused why we laughin 🙂

  • Excuse me, but I’m trying to figure out which hair style I want to do next, for I am scene/emo. Uhm.. What’s the name of the hairstyle in the first pic? The one with the purple and black?

    • i want emo hair but i have to wait for my bangs to grow longer D: lol i have really curly hair so i’ll have to straighten it.

    • dear hunter a lip piercing is not needed but if u must have it talk your mom into it or go behind her back and take the piercings off when u see her

  • i’m 11 and y have long hair it’s 45 centimeters and brown it’s pretty strait so y want blue to purple hair later when i’m 13 or somefing sorry for the englys y dont now if y should do it or not please comment

  • u
    m Geniusking 17.still in school life.thats y can’t do over long ma hair.Harajuku n short punk is my favourite hair style.whn i will finish my skulll lyf i wl do Harajuku \m/ love you aw Harajuku and punkerzzzzzzzzzzz :p

  • I am Iranian. I’m EMO

    شما دوستان خوب من هستید.من شمارو دوست


  • I’m thirteen and emo most pele dont think im emo. But i want to have hair like the first guy with thered hoodie or the seventh guy but i havestraight brown hair and my dad wont let me die it completly black

  • Emo is music and style so deal with it. You preps and jocks are indivisual just like us. No disrespect but what sad person looks at emo articles just to be a hater. Everyone is equal! Just saying.

  • God emo and scene chicks are so Damn hot. I wanna ta lick em. I don’t quite agree with all the bull with the guys camp voice limp wrists. Emo doesn’t mean cry baby. Actually it’s a genre but yeah its cute just alot of emo guys make us muscular emo seem gay with all their gay crap. FYI emo doesn’t mean gay men so get the hint and get a six pack dress and do your hair emo or scene like me and cowboy up. People view all the rest of us emo and scene guys as gay because of you. I don’t know maybe your born with 0varies but not me sorry I got b4lls.

  • I kinda want to join the emo scene but I don’t have that look at all if I wanted to for it I would have to do so much I’ve been slowly changing my style to look more emo

  • I saw one of these pic’s of the “emo boys and guys” on Pinterest and it linked me to this page. The boy was one of my closest friends who died in a car accident about 7 years ago. I was shocked to come across his face just as I remembered. He was full of life, music probably a lot of Guinness mostly. He would have hated being referenced as “emo” but didn’t we all. 😉 Thanks for keeping the love alive with this pic.!

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