Possible Effects Of Climate On Your Hair & Scalp

Invariable parts of an appearance of a handsome man are healthy hair and scalp. A man with beautiful hair or well-groomed bald scalp makes an impression of a successful and confident person, who has an eye for detail. But, sometimes men forget that the weather influences hair much, so they have to change the type of care every season.


In winter hair grows slow enough, it ‘goes into hibernation’. So you should wear a warm hat, even if it may spoil your hairstyle. Cold weather causes the constriction of the scalp vessels and therefore the nutrition of hair becomes worse. Thus, hair grows even slower or begins to come out. On the other hand, when you don’t wear a cap in winter, your hair suffers from abrupt changes of the temperature. For example, when you go out from a warm room to the cold street and vice versa, these changes can injure your hair health much. Such a sudden change hurts natural shielding of the hair and its stem structure. Thus, hair looks unhealthy, dull and becomes fragile. For bald men a cap is necessary, too. Snow and rain include many heavy metals that are dangerous for human health at all and particularly for scalp. Also, the overcooling often causes different diseases, so be careful.


After a winter ‘hibernation’ begins the quick loss of hair. It isn’t really dangerous for your hair health, but it’s better to look after it carefully to prevent the alopecia. Another reason of an attentive care in spring is that in this period your organism greatly suffers from a lack of vitamins, so your hair and scalp suffer too. So, pay attention to your nutrition, eat more fruits and vegetables to provide your organism with vitamins.


This is the most harmful season for your hair and scalp. High temperatures cause the dehydration of hair, as it loses its fatty lubricant, which protects hair from injures and makes it shining, because of the strong sweat secretion. Ultraviolet rays damage the cuticle of hair, which is its main protection, so because of this vulnerability your hair becomes dry, fragile and split, of course, it doesn’t look healthy. Chlorine from a swimming pool decolorizes hair and slows down its growth, so it’s better to wear a swim cap, which will protect your hair. There is a shampoo to remove chlorine on your hair too. It is also necessary if you’re going to swim in the sea, as the sea water can harm your hair too. The solar radiation and dry wind can also damage your hair in the summer period and cause its loss. As you see, a light cap is necessary for your hair and health in summer. For bald men it’s even essential, as you can earn a strong sun stroke by your bare scalp. And your scalp will become dry and begin to scale off. These processes won’t make you feel comfortable, will they?


This season is really splendid for your hair. The weather is already not hot and not cold yet, and there’re a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits that contain an endless quantity of vitamins. So, autumn is a renewal period for your hair and scalp health. But, the results of a bad care in summer may arrive right in autumn, especially loss of hair. So, look after your hair and scalp during the whole year. And if you haven’t done that, use such remedies as natural prods and stick to the dietary habits and you will restore your hair.

Even the most healthy, strong and beautiful hair isn’t totally protected from different influences, including temperature and environmental pollution. Unfortunately, you can’t control these phenomena, but you can attend to your hair to save its health and beauty. Be handsome!

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