David Tennant Mussed Hairstyles

David Tennant hairstyle
David Tennant hairstyle

David Tennant was born David John MacDonald in Bathgate, West Lothian, Scotland on 18 April, 1971. It has been his lifelong dream to be an actor since the age of 5 when he fell in love with the television program Dr. Who. Unlike many children who reach a decision like that at such a tender age, Tennant pursued his goal almost single mindedly.

Tennant chose to take a different stage name after learning that there was already a David MacDonald listed as an actor in the UK. Two of the roles that Tennant is most famous for are the role of Barty Crouch Jr in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and the character that inspired him to become an actor in the first place, the tenth incarnation of the Dr. in Dr. Who.

David Tennant haircut
David Tennant hairstyle

David Tennant mussed hairstyle
David Tennant hairstyle

Tennants unusual hair style looks really good on him. Do not let appearances fool you. Even though his hair looks as if it were slightly mussed at any given time, that style is not as easy to achieve as you might think. He has to part his hair and comb it back and over to get it to stand up and come alive, then use styling gel to actually provide the hold as his hair is actually long enough to lay flat if left to its own devices.


  • I bloody love his hair! I have tried and failed many times to try and get the look. Anyone have any suggestions on what product to use?

    • The way I get the Beautiful hairdo is 1: massage hair taffy(I got it from #GreatClips{http://www.greatclips.com/}) 2: spike your hair straight up, 3: comb it all straight out except the front,4: take two combs, one on each side of the front, and move up and toward each other. I hope I have solved your dillema.:)

  • Hey, very nice article. But I actually have to disagree with you. I happen to have about the same hair colour and structure as Tennant and I guess a rather similar cut. As I am female I usually rather struggle with it to make it not stick up that much. But just for fun [and because you just gotta love the Doctor] I tried it on my hair and I spent about 3 minutes to get a satisfying result.
    My method: [well I haven't washed my hair before but I did so last night… the way I do that: just wash and then towel dry and then let it be. ^^] I shortly combed the hair, well, the top of it forward then scraped up a bit of wax with one finger [one only so you don't get too much], spread it on my fingers and then ruffled the fingers into the hair working from the back to the front.
    Tipp: Try to get more wax in close to the scalp and at the ends as less as possible. [maybe you could try imagining a lady grabbing them, because for some reason that seems to do the trick for the finish. ^^]

    ah, the result I got [mind you, that is one hour of playing volley and changing clothes twice later, just barely ruffled a bit again before I took the picture.]: http://de.tinypic.com/m/9pt000/4

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