Davey Havok Hairstyles

Davey Havok (was born on November 20, 1975, in Rochester, New York) is the lead singer of rock band AFI. He is a man who is sporting asymmetric hairstyle in which characterized by different look on both sides. The left side of his hair is longer than the right side.
The video below shows his many hairstyles trough out the years. Note that the video maker accidentally put “die” instead of “dye”.


  • Well..i love the top one..i can imagine it, my girl friend used to smash her hair like that..look more tough..

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  • btw it’s not his unique hair style. it’s bin around for ages before he started wearin it =] just thought I’d let you know

  • I love Davey…Not only he’s hot and has most amazing hairstyles, he’s one of the most wonderful people ever! I personally loved his long hair, he looked awesome with it, though devil lock was hot too…

  • His band is good as hell, I especially like Puget’s hairstyle it looks great. Well, Davey looks great to, in fact, hes a good singer and no one can take that away. People that say hes gay and sh*t are just jealous. Love you Davey 🙂

    • I wanna just throw this out there that he is gay and it doesn’t really matter if he is or not. Hes with jeffree starr and they by far are the cutest couple ive ever seen. My boyfriend should know hes old enough to have listened to them since the beginning

  • i sooo agree with the arm sawing. i cant find one imperfection with him. he has a new hairstyle now but its still hot. he is not gay. LOVE u Davey!! p.s. ive had blue, purple, and red hair too

  • I’ve been listening to them for years. I would saw off BOTH of my arms to make out with his hot pierced lips. Jade has hot hair too. btw Davey is not gay. Jade said it himself. Anyway, Davey’s hair has always been SUPER hot!!

    • Actually he definitely is gay…
      There is a video on the web of him making out with a dude…
      He still kicks ass and has an amazing voice, but he’s gay it’s pretty obvious

  • he is so hot!! :] i love evrything about him.
    and his band is kick ass to!
    u guys r just jealous that u arnt as hot as he is

  • Wow that guy looks disgusting. His hair is so bad and he looks like a woman. He even looks like he has breasts in the second picture. I don’t even want to see what the girls that think this guy is hot look like.

  • You know all the people talking sh*t about Davey are just pissed off that they don’t have massive amounts of people drooling over them.
    And I personally think the December Underground hairstyle is my favorite. :]

  • I personally think guys that wear make up are sexxi!! But they can't get any sexier than Davey! He is f***ing HOT! 🙂

  • There's no way this dude likes girls… Dude looks like a lady…. therefore he must be into sausage.. No man who wears that much makeup is straight.. srry ladies…

  • his hair always fukin owns!im getn my hair cut like daveys hair in decemberunderground its freakin awsome.but i do love my longhair…>.<

  • What is WRONG with people saying stuff like "he's a f*g" and "he's gay". You are the most ignorant people I have ever seen post on the internet. I hope someday you realize how ridiculously ignorant you truly are.

    I like his hair and I'm a guy.

  • Wtf is up with all of these hate comments? If your so ignorant as to call him gay, I would suggest that you LOOK UP what you're talking about before you open your mouth. Davey is actually not gay. Jade, in fact, has testified this himself. Plus, I have his Decemberunderground hairstyle rockin on me RIGHT NOW. I dare you!

  • I would saw my arm off to make out with him, too.

    I love his hair <3. & he is NOT gay. I actually like his eye make up, and lip piercing. Haha. 🙂

  • omg davey looks hecka hot i love that hairstyle. only he can pull it through btw stfu dumbasss @the person on the comment on top what are you some n1gger? dumb black bas+ard

  • The Decemberunderground hairstyle is definitely the best. The devil's lock looked hot on him as well. All of them did, actually.
    I totally agree about the arm sawing thing, too. And to all you ignorant bastards who are insulting Davey, do some research. He's NOT GAY.

  • He has short hair now, his long hair was kinda gay but now its really short and he looks alot more badass and less like a girl

  • all i can say to every single person writing on this page that has dissed each other….you all sound pathetic…his hair is cool yes, he's not gay he has talent…and maybe you guys that are all "manly" maybe your just afraid that if you took some real advice and got a decent haircut instead of your pubes on your head i think youd actually get some girls…and not be wasting your time writing on this page…afi isnt emo either just want you to know that..i can look up there genre if youde like…, hair is hair get the f*ck over it….not like ppl give a rats ass what any of your guy's hair looks like….ill personally kick the shit out of everyone who was hating on this blog..thats no joke…give me some info ill meet your nerdy punk asses anywhere anytime…

  • Okay look, Daveys NOT gay, and he has awesome hair. He looked better in his long metal-hair days, but that cut was awesome too. Now his image kinda sucks, and his music has gone down too, but he isn't and never was gay. I Love you Davey, no matter what.

  • Don't hate because you're not as hot as Davey, whether you're a girl or a guy. His looks are only rivaled by the beauty of his voice. MMMM, STS.

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