Darrent Williams Frohawk (Afro Mohawk) Hairstyles

Picture of Darrent Williams frohawk hairstyles
Darrent Williams frohawk hairstyle.

Though Darrent Williams may no longer be around, he is never forgotten because of the legacies he left. One of these is the famous Darrent Williams frohawk hairstyle.

Photo of Darrent Williams men frohawk haircut
Darrent Williams frohawk haircut

Picture of Darrent Williams men afro mohawk hairstyles
Darrent Williams afro mohawk hairstyle

Darrent Williams was one of the famous players for the Denver Broncos prior to his death. He was a renowned cornerback, but more than just his playing skills, more fans adore him because of his hair.

Afrohawk is actually a hybrid of afro and Mohawk. Thus, to get the same hair, you simply need to cut your hair modern Mohawk style. Keep majority of the hair on the middle and let them stand up through backcombing. Braid the remaining portion of hair on the side.

However, since it is also an Afro hair, which should make any Mohawk bushier, you need to ensure your hair is curlier or kinkier.

Indeed, frohawk is another hairstyle that makes you different from the others. Nevertheless, more than just a style, consider it as a loving remembrance to the fallen Williams.

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