Coconut Oil Hair Tips: Strong, Shining, And Healthy Hair With No Efforts

Nature’s Way Coconut Oil

Coconut oil used for hair treatment is one of Indian secrets, which let them keep their hair always healthy, strong and brightly shining. This oil possesses all the positive features of natural vegetable oils, has a pleasant smell and is almost colorless.

The Healing Effect of the Coconut Oil

The spectrum of usage of this oil is wide, but using it for hair you will definitely achieve the results you are striving for. Coconut oil is a natural treasure island packed with healing elements and substances, which are able to revive even the most badly damaged hair. Thanks to the triglycerides and saturated natural fats this oil contains, it is easily absorbed by hair and skin, the mild vegetable acids work as an antibacterial remedy. This is a great nutrition for thin, split and dry hair but it is not correct to think that other types of hair do not need it. Every type of hair, even greasy one, needs nutrition at least every now and then, because frequent washing required by the untidy look of this type of hair damages the natural protective layer on the skin and hair, which can cause dandruff and far more serious troubles leading to the loss of hair. That is why it is necessary to give your hair the necessary nutrition and one of the best things, which can provide you with it, is the coconut oil.

How to Apply Coconut Hair to Hair

This oil starts to melt at the temperature, which is higher than 25 degrees Celsius, and it is necessary to warm it up a little before using. It is better to apply a mask made of the natural coconut oil before washing your hair, as this will coat it with a special protective film. It will save your hair from the ruining influence of the chemical components of the shampoo and the hard water and also make it less vulnerable to the possible damage, which can be caused by wiping it with a towel. Apply the oil onto the scalp and hair from the root to the ends. Massage the scalp using your fingers. Then, leave it on for a few minutes before washing.

Besides that, not everyone knows that during the process of washing hair loses its proteins, and the coat created by the coconut oil will keep the proteins inside, providing the hairs with their natural nutrition to the ends, where it is most needed. Depending on the condition of your hair, the longevity of such masks may vary from 20 minutes to several hours.

Other Ways to Apply

It is also possible to apply it on your hair comb – just disperse several drops of this oil over the surface of teeth of the comb and brush your hair in several directions. However, this way is not good for those, whose hair tends to be greasy at the scalp: it will look untidy and unwashed. In this case it is recommended to do the same but in the evening and put on a little cap for the night. In the morning it will be possible to wash your head, and the oil will be washed away without any trace but your hair will receive the necessary nutrition and moisture and will not suffer during the washing.

Coconut oil is recommended for owners of thin hair, who would like to give it volume without any heavy styling means. In summer, the oil knows no rivals when it is necessary to revive hair, which was damaged by winds, sunlight and the salty water. Moisturizing hair, it returns health to the scalp. It is very important, as long as healthy and strong hair cannot grow on the damaged and exhausted skin.

Making coconut oil masks is not complicated at all, so if you want, you may try their curing effect at home, applying a mask for a night or putting it on a regular basis.


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