Trendy Boys Hairstyles

Young boys do not usually care much about their hairstyle. This makes the job of parents easier because they can choose a simple style for their son. As boys get older and more socially aware they begin to have preferences for their hair and there are many different styles to choose from. The basic styles include a crew cut, spiked, bowl cut, combed down, forward or back, and the side parted. Each hairstyle has its own look and length and is appropriate for different occasions.


1. Boys Short Haircut

A short haircut means no fuss in the mornings for you or for your kiddo. Simply comb hair to the side with a little gel and he’s good to go.

2. Long Haircut 

For a boy with medium to long hair, keep it above the shoulders with a center part and style curtain bangs for a 90s throwback.

3. Medium Hair

This medium hairstyle is a surfer look for any young boy looking to give off a sporty vibe. Keep hair longer and spiked near the front and go shorter at the sides.

4. Black Boy Haircut

For a boy with afro-textured hair, grow it out a couple inches and frame it with a medium or high fade. Shaved in designs will help him express his personality.

5. Teen Boy Haircut

As kids get older, self expression is an important part of growing up. A flair of silver color on thick textured hair and a high fade are awesome ways to add style.

6. Fade Haircut

This mushroom haircut with a high fade is not only modern, but full of edge, right down to the shaved line in the eyebrow.

7. Line Up Haircut

Bring out the best features on your child’s face by giving them a line-up haircut. It’ll square up the front of the face at temples while a fade will keep the look fresh.

8. Curly Hairstyle 

Is there anything cuter than a kiddo with curls? Layer their best feature up front and keep the back and sides short to show off their locks.

9. Wavy Hairstyle 

This wavy hairstyle is a very grown up look. Layer hair and part at the side – hair will fall flatteringly on its own without any extra help from you.

10. Caucasian Boy Haircut

For teenagers wanting to look more grown up, a haircut with a little height, such as a quiff, paired with a fade will do the trick.

11. Skater Boy Haircut

Skateboards are still in and so is this skater boy haircut: messy hair, no matter the texture, with any level fade.

12. Mohawk 

For boys who like punk hairstyles, mohawks are a no-brainer. Whether hair is curly or straight, a mohawk will give your kid all the edge he wants. 

13. Boys Comb Over Haircut

Comb over haircuts look especially sweet on young boys. A simple side part followed by smoothing hair with mousse completes this grown up look.

14. Hard Part Haircut

For a hard part, the stylist will shave in a line on either side and just below that, clip in a fade. A shaped quiff is a cool touch of style.

15. Blonde Hair 

Whether or not a boy’s hair is blonde, have the stylist layer hair and pair with a medium fade. He’ll be able to wake up and run a comb through for a quick 3-minute style.

16. Shaggy Hair

Does your kiddo prefer the messy look? Let him have it with a shaggy bedhead style that doesn’t look too unruly by keeping hair trimmed and layered.

17. Long On Top Short On Sides 

Color is one of the best ways to express personality on hair. This style uses hot pink streaks to make a long top-short sides style pop.

18. Faux Hawk Haircut

For kids who need to keep their look toned down, a faux hawk is a great option. It incorporates the best features of a mohawk – spiky texture – while remaining school-appropriate.

19. Asian Boy Haircut

Copper or dark red hair color is the way to flatter a black straight hairstyle for Asian boys tired of their same old look. Point bangs in a V-shape and shorten sides for added detail.

20. Boys Haircut with Line

A straight shaved line fancies up a fade on a slicked back hairstyle. Whether it’s one or two lines, the detail is what you want.

21. Buzz Cut 

A buzz cut may look simple, but they can be livened up with a pale grey and they’re perfect for the boy who hates messing with his hair.

22. Tween Boy Haircut

When your son or nephew is in between being a teenager and a boy, a side part on a cut with a couple inches of length will help him feel grown up.

23. Straight Hairstyle

Straight hair is easily manipulated – take this cut: uneven layers help to add body and easy built-in style.

24. Thick Haircut 

Layers also work for boys with thick hair. They give shape to unruly locks and will help to keep hair out of the face when he’s busy playing sports.

25. Boy Hairstyle with Design

Does your kid want a haircut that will make him stand out? Show him this fade hairstyle with shaved designs. Waves, zigzags, or lines – he’ll love it.

26. Haircut with Bangs

When hair is several inches long and straight, give your child bangs and sweep them to the side. A couple of highlights will also be fun for him to have.

27. Side Swept Haircut

Side swept haircuts add height and it’s a style boys can easily comb up themselves in the morning. A medium fade ensures he doesn’t have too much styling to do.

28. Taper Haircut

Whether hair is thick or thin, tapered haircuts are a quick way to add volume. The classy cut flatters every face shape and doesn’t require too much maintenance.

29. Messy Haircut 

When your boy doesn’t want to look like he tries too hard on his haircut, a messy style with choppy layers and spiky texture is a good choice.

30. Boys Haircut with Shaved Sides

Short razored or choppy layers up top and shaved sides make this haircut a fresh choice for any boy. He’ll love the grown-up feel it gives him.

31. Surfer Boy Haircut

Curly or straight, get that surfer boy look by going for some highlights. Let hair go natural and avoid product for a relaxed vibe.

32. Crew Cut

crew cut for boys
Crew cut style
Crew cuts are short and simple and a good choice for young boys. The length of a crew cut can vary slightly but they are usually short all around with the back cut very close to the skin and the top a little longer. Crew cuts are also good hairstyles for active boys because they are short, cool, and will stay in place. You can also check these lovely baby boy hairstyles for little boys.


33. Spiked Hairstyle

spiked hair for boys
Spiked look. Photo by haircutsz.
Many boys, even young boys, like the spiked look because it is considered cool and trendy. A spiked hairstyle is fashionable but still short so it is easy to manage. You can spike just the top, the front, or the entire head. A spiked hairstyle does require some type of hair product such as mousse or gel to keep the spikes in place. Short hair an inch or so long works best for spiking but longer hair can be spiked as well.


34. Combed Down Hair

boys combed down hairstyle

Short and medium boy’s hairstyles also include the comb down or combed back look. Short and medium hair can be combed down flat either to the front or to the back depending on length. This style is also easy to manage and simple to do. Depending on the boy’s hair type a styling product such as gel or mousse may or may not be needed to achieve the desired look.


35. Bowl Cut

bowl haircut for boys
Bowl cut style. Photo by TenthMusePhotography.
There are also styles for boys who want longer hair. Bowl type styles are styles where the hair is kept long on to and trimmed just above or below the ear depending on the desired length. Boys who want longer hair can also go with a style that is long on the top and trimmed short in the back. Hair can be “faded up” where it starts short on the bottom and gradually gets longer until it is long at the top of the head.

Various Boys Hairstyles

There are many different hairstyle options for boys. For young boys something simple and easy to manage is usually best because young boys are so active and don’t usually have strong preferences. For pre-teens and teens who are more style conscious, more elaborate boys hairstyles are available.







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