Bob Marley Dreadlocks: Get An Iconic Hairstyle

Bob Marley, son of Norval Marley and Cedella Booker, was born in Jamaica on February 4th 1945, being a follower of the Rastafarian religion Bob Marley was a strict follower of dreadlocks and cannabis. Marley’s musical career started with ‘skaΒ΄and slowly moved towards reggae music. Marley’s music was partly responsible for the acceptance of reggae music outside of Jamaica.

Bob Marley dreadlocks hairstyle. Photo by Bonita Jamaica.

In 1977 Marley found an injury on his big toe which he thought was a result of a soccer game, Marley had tests and a diagnosis of the injury to find that he had malignant melanoma, a type of skin cancer, under his toenail. Although he refused to have the toe amputated, he did undergo surgery to try and cure cancer. Cancer finally spread from his toe to his stomach, lungs and his brain. He eventually passes away in 1981.

Bob Marley Dreadlock

Bob Marley Dreadlock

Bob Marley has been and still is an inspiration to many people of various races. People of all ages try to imitate Marley’s look and his way of life. Copying Marley’s dreadlocks, also known as dreads, are one of the most common ways. Many people backcomb their hair to obtain dreadlocks; depending on the type of hair that person has this can be easy or hard.

Bob Marley’s hair was easy to style in dreads, being of part black origin, his hair was tougher than that of a Caucasian. Marley washed his hair but never combed it, using a special type of wax known as bee wax; helps maintain the dreadlocks in place. It takes years to finally achieve long, thick dreadlocks like those of Bob Marley, who has always had them. Being a Rastafarian Marley followed the religions rules to keep your body as a whole, including maintaining his dreads.


    • Bob no use no wax & he was not always a rasta if you look at some of the early wailers footage you will se marley had e small afro that he then let grow out huge without combing or doing anything too them God no have no wax no comb no shampoo either if you want rasta locks wash with water only no shampoo no wax nothing but god’s gift water my dreads I havmae 8 & big ones & several smaller ones & also fast fact off topic soap is also a bad idea as well for you body rasta man use no soap idk how this world got like this with all this unnatural tings but we need too go back too caveman style of livn peace people

      • unnatural ? Nothing in this universe can be created or destroyed. it is all here and has been here. soap was given to man through the sacrifices of animals as tribute to GOD. when the animal fat drifted and fermented in the rivers the enzymes washed and cleaned the people as they bathed. those who guide sometimes no not what they say

  • Bob Marley NEVER used wax, he said it himself in one of his video's. He prefures to just do it the natural way.. LIVE LIKE MARLEY!

  • "Plenty people have the wrong idea about this locks thing. Like I read in a magazine: 'Marley came onstage with his waxed locks'. Now that is very much a lie because I could never sit down and put wax in my hair, my wool, to keep it together. It would be clammy and stink man. Them blind man! This come natural." Bob Marley – June, 1975

  • He did NOT do wax.

    Black people dont need wax for our hair to "lock". Our hair naturally does it, thats why they are so beautiful.

  • He did NOT do wax.

    Black people dont need wax for our hair to "lock". Our hair naturally does it, thats why they are so beautiful.

  • ALL hair naturally knots, which is why no one, regardless of skin colour and hair texture, should EVER use wax…It does nothing but attract dirt and prevent the hairs from moving, which they need to in order to form knots. Wax is also nigh impossible to remove.

  • well people marley didnt always have dreads nor was he always a rasta untill he was bout 17 he was catholic but any ways my friend has a fro right and it is gettin pretty long and because of its curlyness its growin in clumps thats how black dudes get dread i am white and have just left my hair and near to the scalp parts of hair is starting to knot together into dreads so no need for wax

  • Bob Marley was absolutely amazing. Seirously who cares how he did his dreadlocks? His hair is not what made him the man he was. It was his heart, soul, personality. He is an inspiration, and will always be a part of my life. I love Bob Marley! πŸ™‚ -sam swaney.

  • Dont let vanity creep in to your journey of locking your hair.Locking it up, is a passage you take when you are at one with yourself and “know” yourself.Leave all the additives be, your hair will do and exactly the shape its “supposed” to.As far as Robert Nesta is concerned….I dont have anything to say that hasnt already been said about this righteous messenger…love to all.

  • Jah-Rasta-Far-I….no sissors nor razor sha be pon de conquerer of lion of Judah..its been said by Kings of King,Lord of Lords and H.I.M Haile Selassie…Jah..Tafari.

  • after Lord Shiva dreads, in India we call it ‘Jatt’ which our many Baba (shadhu) use to keep these kind of hairs.. but i came to understand after introduce with Baba Bob’s stuffs, which is originated here, very often taking by Lord Shiva and our Sadhu Baba.. and I follow Baba BoB but after Loard shiva..

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