Blonde Scene Hair For Guys

Scene hair and Emo hair have a great deal in common. Many of the styles are virtually identical. However, there are some major differences. Most Emo styles are dyed jet black. While black plays a large part in scene hairstyles, it is usually offset by bright colors and/or blonde streaks and highlights. Some guys even dye their hair blonde then add color to this. There are several ways to utilize blonde scene hair for guys.

Picture of blonde scene hairstyle for guys.
Blonde scene hairstyle.

One common use of blonde in scene hair is to completely bleach the natural color out of the hair. One can determine what shade of blonde he wants to achieve, from natural to completely white. The hair is then cut fairly short in the back and left longer in front to provide a fringe that will cover one eye. It is straightened and combed thoroughly, then wax or pomade is used to provide hold. Some create spikes using gel.

Photo of colorful scene hair.
Colorful scene hair.

It is more common to see the hair bleached out, then a bright color is added back to parts of the hair. Neon pink, blue, green, purple, and bright red are commonly combined with the blonde to create the hottest scene hairstyles.

Image of emo hair with blonde streaks for boys.
Emo hair with blonde streaks.

Some go with the jet black dye for the majority of their hair and have blonde streaks or patches bleached. Others have been seen to create a raccoon tail effect alternating blonde and colored or black rings down the length of their hair. This is normally done in the front and on the sides.

Image of long scene hair.
Scene hair with long fringe.

Blonde scene hair for guys is usually shorter. However, this is far from a rule or requirement. Boys can grow their hair to any length and style it in any way they desire. The key is to create multiple layers with a razor for enhanced texture.

It is much more common to see blonde scene hair for guys than blonde emo styles. Most emo boys tend toward the gothic, making use of dark colors and a great deal of black. The scene styles do not lean so heavily toward darkness. They may look similar in the way they are cut and styled, but the coloring is one of the ways to define the difference.

Pic of blonde scene hair.
Blonde scene hair.

Even when blonde does not become the base color for the style, it is a common component of most scene styles. The most difficult thing is determining the shade one wants and deciding how long to leave the bleaching agent on the hair. It is essential to time this properly as the bleach will damage the hair severely if left in place too long.

Getting blonde scene hair for guys is usually a multi-step process. Bleaching the hair is a common first step. Next, another color is usually added back to at least a portion of the hair. Other times, the hair is dyed jet black and the portion that one wants to have blonde is bleached out separately. Either way, care must be exercised in order to avoid chemically damaging the hair and spoiling the style before it is even achieved.

Photos Gallery of Blonde Scene Hairstyles:

Photo of Jade Puget hairstyle.
Jade Puget hairstyle.

Image of Bill Kaulitz hairstyle.
Bill Kaulitz hairstyle.

Picture of scene hair with blonde highlight.
Scene hair with blonde highlight.

Picture of scene guy.
A scene guy.

Scene boys photo.
Scene boys.

Photo of a boy with blonde striped emo hair.
A boy with blonde striped emo hair.

Picture of teased scene hair.
Teased scene hair.

Picture of anime scene hair.
Blonde scene anime hair.


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