Black Men Hairstyles – African American Hairstyles Pictures

The hairstyles of black men are unique and stand apart from those who are not of African American descent. It is naturally curly and for the most part, has a soft texture. Black men’s hairstyles can be worn long or short, depending on what the person wants.

Afro hairstyle. Photo by samirobles.

For many years, black men hairstyles were relegated to an Afro. Some people called it the “natural”. Some men wore them as a “big” hairstyle. Others wore them shorter.

Some of the middle aged and older gentlemen would be seen with the big Afro. Some of the younger guys would rather wear the shorter one. They took pride in this hairstyle not only because it was easy to manage, but because it was originally part of their ethnic heritage.

Cornrows hairstyle
Cornrows hairstyle

Black men’s hairstyles also consist of braids. Some men wear their hair in plaits, which are regular braids that lie down and can be connected together. Or they can choose cornrows. Cornrows form a pattern and stay connected to the hair for a few weeks. After that, it’s time to take them apart and braid them again so that they will be fresh again.

There are black men that will wear individual braids down their back. They are not ashamed of it; normally, you would see more women wearing this. However, there are some who feel comfortable wearing this black men’s hairstyle. Some men will put the braids in a ponytail to keep their hair out of the way.

In order for black men’s hairstyles to stay fresh and presentable, they use hair products that cater to their hairstyle. They will use sheen, braid oil or other hair products that will work for their hairstyle and texture.

To keep their hair from frizzing, a scarf is placed on their head before they go to bed. For some black men’s hairstyles, more maintenance is involved because of the texture of the hair. Every man’s hair texture is different from someone else’s.

Dreadlocks hairstyle
Lil Wayne with dreadlocks hairstyle

Dreadlocks, or dreads for short, are another one of the black men’s hairstyles. This style consists of matted portions of hair that are interlocked with each other. The hair grows naturally without the use of any hair products or accessories.

This hairstyle originated in the Africa among the Rastafarian religion. To them, dreadlocks represent their spiritual culture as well as their ethnic culture. African American men have been known to wear these, whether it’s for religious or ethnic reasons.

Photos of Best Hairstyles for African American Men

Black men’s hairstyles are unique in their own way. So whatever hairstyle black men choose to wear, they will do it with pride and style. Here are pictures of black mens hairstyles:



    • Ice Cube Hairstyle



    • Eddie Murphy Hairstyle





































How To Take Care Of African American Natural Hair

African American men who wear their hair in natural styles know that it requires a great deal of special care. Their hair may have a coarse, strong appearance, but the truth is that it is really quite fragile and prone to damage. That is why we are going to list a few tips on how to take care of African American natural hair for men.

  • One of the first things to be aware of is that African American men’s hair tends to dry out easily. The curly texture of this hair often prevents the hair’s natural oil from traveling all the way down the length of the shafts. For this reason, it is important to use products that provide moisture to the hair, such as those formulated for dry hair. These products will contain special moisturizers and emollients needed by the hair.
  • Ideally, one should choose products that contain natural oils and moisturizers. Petroleum based products tend to simply coat the outside of the hair rather than penetrate and moisturize the hair. Such products are also more likely to add weight to the hair and put it under stress as well as clog pores and attract dirt.
  • One should never brush the hair while it is wet. The brush puts strain on the hair that can damage the follicles and cause early breakage and damage. This can seriously slow the natural growth of the hair. Even dry, one should use a wide toothed comb when styling the hair. This puts less stress on the strands and leads to less breakage.
  • It is a good idea to wear a satin or silk cap to sleep in. This is because the hair can catch in the fabric of pillow cases and such when one moves. This can damage the hair and lead to breakage. Satin and silk are smooth materials against which the hair can slide without catching.
  • If a man has long hair and wishes to wear it in a ponytail, he should use a scrunchie made of elastic with not metal. This is because the metal can catch in the hair and pull it out or break it when taking the ponytail down. However, ponytails are a hairstyle that places strain on the hair and should be avoided as much as possible.

Knowing how to take care of African American natural hair is important if one wants to prevent damage to the hair or possible hair loss.


Black Men Hairstyles Are Part Of The Dress Code

Every event has its own dress code and hairstyle etiquette. Despite whatever problems you have tumbling down on your head at home, you just can’t show up underdressed for any occasion. Because in a world where fashion trends are posted all over the internet, people expect you don’t show up with your bed head hair. Therefore you need to check out our helpful tips and tricks below that go on and on about the right ways to design and tame black men hairstyles for any occasion you might go to.


#1. Low Side Parted Taper

Taper hairstyle for black men

Two main characteristics of this trendy cut are that it has clean edges and deep side parts. So, this cut goes to all guys who are not afraid to stand out in the crowd with this bold line which separates the top portion from the sides. After all, go bold or go home.


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        • There is a lot of misinformation in this blog. The rastafari movement started in Jamaica in the 30’s. Stop misleading people. just because rastafari worship Haile Selassie that doesn’t mean that the religion is african. it is a Jamaican religion that worships an african king. there is no evidence that locking your hair originated in africa considering it’s been done all over the world at some point in time from Africa, to Asia, to South America. At least do some kind of research…

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  • Im a hair stylist and have started to do more black hair on men and love it! I love getting my hands in that afro hair and massaging their scalps black men just seem to appreciate having ther hair done so much more than my caucasian clients! ; )

  • About dreadlocks work by Lil Wayne: “This hairstyle originated in the Africa among the Rastafarian religion” – Wrong!

    The hairstyle AND the Rastafarian religion originated in Jamaica.

      • No the hairstyle originated in Afrika, way before Africans were brought to the Caribbean. Various faiths throughout the world have donned locks hundreds of years before white colonizers gave european names to indegionous islands. So yes locks are African and yes Rastafarianism starts out in Jamaica but the essence and spirit is very African!

        • Hey guys, i live in Saint-Peters burg, Russia but i’m Ethiopian( Africa), yes the religion is originated in Jamaica. but as the name indicates Rastafarian= Ras Teferi= it was the name of our king which was later named Haile Sellassie.

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  • This has not become just the friend of the afro
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