Billie Joe Armstrong Hairstyles for Wannabe Popstars

Cool punk hairstyle from Billie Joe Armstrong.
Billie Joe Armstrong hairstyle

The oh so stylish, world class rock star, Billie Joe Armstrong is the lead vocalist, guitarist and lyricist for the punk rock trio, “Green Day“. Billie has got music in his genes. Father being a jazz drummer, Billie’s passion for music began at a very young age. From mandolin, piano, guitar, bass, harmonica, saxophone and banjo – Billie loves to play all and with equal ease!

Born on 17th February, 1972 in Oakland, California, Billie Joe Armstrong is the youngest of the six children. It was at the age of five when Billie recorded his first song titled ‘Look for Love’. Billie was 12 years old when he met Mike Dirnt and both bonded through their love for music. In their early days they were originally into metal music but they soon switched to punk. Billie left his education to pursue his love for music. What started as a band called ‘Sweet Children’ today is ‘Green Day.’ Slowly rising to the popularity “Green Day” soon started to rule the hearts of music lovers worldwide. ‘Wake me u when September ends,’ ‘American Idiot’ ‘Bullet in a Bible’ are some of his famous numbers that rocked the nation.

Billie Joe Armstrong hairstyle
Billie Joe Armstrong with cool messy hairstyle at the 2006 Grammy Awards.

The boyish looks, jet black hair, the defined eyes are signature style of Billie Joe Armstrong that set him apart and made him a trendsetter. His dread lock hairstyle became an instant hit. Be it punk star’s edgy hair style, or his messy style which he sported on backstage at the 2006 Grammy Awards his hairdos have always been the talk of the town. Though the jet black hair suits him the most, his blonde hair has also become quite popular. It is Billie’s stardom and élan that makes it easy for him to invite adulation and make people follow his style.

Billie Joe's blond hairstyle
Billie Joe with blonde hairstyle

Billie Joe's cool emo hairstyle
Billie Joe’s emo hairstyle

The life of Billie Joe Armstrong’s has rough patches too. His father dying at a tender age, his mother marrying another man, who he disliked, his arrest for drunken driving have become a part and parcel of his life. But the things that remained unchanged down the years are his association with music that has made him highly popular among his fans and his impeccable hairstyle!


  • My biggest ever wish is that I was born before I was so I could go to a greenday concert, They’re my fav band and Billie joe armstrong is my fav celebrity EVER. And his hair rocks. That goes without saying!

    • How come you can’t go to one?! This is a long time after you posted, so come to one when their new album comes out!!

  • how the hell are they punk. oh let me gess because their slightly angry and they dress scruffy yeah really PUNK guys.
    ps is soooooo emo

    • Obviously you are stereotypical. It isn’t the way they dress that makes them punk, it’s their music. Go and get a life and stop hating on the best band ever.

  • bullet in a bible is not a song, it’s an album, just to clarify. and there’s a little song called LONGVIEW [and also GOOD RIDDANCE] that you left out… American Idiot songs are not the only ones they put out ya know.

  • his hair is awesome. u should post something telling how to style it.
    p.s. anyone see him on tv lately? his hair is even kooler haha

  • OMG!!! Dont care WAT peoples say< Billie Joe u are sooo awesome and I LOVE ur hair! Any color, any kind a messy-ITS SOOO KEWL!!

  • I hvae dark red/auburn/ginger whatever you wanna call it hair lol think I could pull this off? haha (either the 1st or last 1 lol)

  • I love his hair! I wish he still had blue hair like 1994. blue hair is so cool :). it actually looked really good on him. i wish i was alive then to see that stuff, i missed alot since i was born in 1996. ;(
    & I'm not a fake fan who just likes American Idiot, either. I know all of their older stuff, i really like it, & I know a lot about the band, too. Just cuz i wasn't around when they first started doesn't mean I'm a teenie bopper or whatever…A lot of people think that & it's kind of annoying…..

    • I feel ya, i was also born in 1996 and some ppl just think im only into their new stuff. im actually more a fan of their old stuff than their new stuff like basket case and deadbeat holiday and besically everyother song. My only wish is to go back in time and go to atleast one of their concerts back in the day cuz my mom sure as hell wont let me come to one of their concerts now and theyre running out of time, i mean theyre like 40 now so i think they only lhave like 5 more good years left (atleast i hope, cuz ill be more than 18 by then :))

    • I was born in 1996 too, so I also missed alot :c ugh, Green Day are fabulous, I saw them in 2009 when Prima Donna were supporting,l amd they were absolutely amazing! <3 I'm dressing up as Billie for a Halloween party at the weekend so I have to dye my blood-red hair black *sigh* can't wait to look like him though 😉 I'm a girl by the way, so it won't be perfect…oh well, the hair, clothes and makeup will do xD

      • I was born in 2000 so I missed way too much, but honestly I think I like their older albums more than their newer albums, and I’m just that teenager who dresses like and acts kinda like and talks like I’m and 80s/90s teen who somehow got stuck in the twenty first century. Everyone underestimates my knowledge of music… but I totally am in love with Green Day’s music!

  • f**k the haters, and all the "fans" that jumped the bandwagon for American Idiot. F**k everyone bashing 21st Century Breakdown. His real fans are not the ones that go around posting "OMG BILLIE <3 is so HAWT", hey are the people that Loved Greenday since '95. As a true GD fan, I have to say sites like this really dissapoint me.

    • Don’t hate any kind of green day fan. I’ve loved green day since 94 and I’m happy to see they’ve made one hell of a comeback. There’s nothing wrong with making a whole new generation of fans. That just insures that they’ll be remembered another 15 years down the road. A TRUE green day fan would be proud of them. I know I am. Admit it, those of us who liked green day back then saw a major decline in popularity and success with “Warning.” I stuck by them, tho. Look at them now, they are world class rock stars and they’re are always gonna be a huge name in rock and roll, same as Aerosmith and Metallica (although I think Metallica has to make new fans cuz I’m not sure their old fans like them too much anymore) and all the others who are lifelong stars. If you wanna hate on ppl, hate on ppl who talk crap about one of the greatest most successful rock bands of our time. Hate on people who don’t like green day just because they got popular. Hate on Gilman street because they gave a big “F You” to green day. Don’t hate on the younger, newer generation of fans. That just effed up.

      • I agree with you, I mean im only 15 and ive only been a fan for like 2yrs but that doesnt mean the only thing i like is american idiot and 21st century breakdown. I also love basket case and basically alll of their other songs in no nimrod, dookie, warning, kerplunk, 1039 smoothed out/slappy hours and every other album whether they are new or not. So dont hate on people because they recently discovrered greenday or just love one album from them, they have the right to do that and they should just have fun, theyre still considered fans.

  • Green Day is awesome! A couple weeks ago in Tampa I got to go up onstage with them and sing the end of Longview! His hair is amazing!

  • OMG have u seen billie's hair recently? its blonde and looks like a puffball. I LOVE IT. we saw em live and we wern't told of the hair change. when he came on my friend just yelled at me OH MY GOD HE'S BLONDE!!! but it suited him good. not as good as black though. and in some songs billie and mike jumped at exactly the same time when there was nothing to prompt them and no one was playing at the time. IT WAS AMAZING but my dad says if we see them again they wont be as good. i think he should get off of my back and let me watch them as much as i want. but they are probably going to the isle of wight festival as it has been rumoured so im going to go and buy tickets

  • i lov billie joe armstrong so much! i get made fun of at school by some retards in class because of my love for greenday… but i don't care. i'm getting his haircut for my birthday in a couple of weeks…. i'm a girl getting a guys haircut… i don't care what those losers in my class say GO GREENDAY!

  • Green day is awesome im going to their concert in 9 days OMG soo exited and yes billie looks like an idiot with blonde hair but he is still awesome LOLLER SKATES and those pictures arnt very good ones i have heaps better ones!! x.xGREENDAYx.x

  • Green Day freakin rox!!! i luv them! billie joe is as hot as eva!! u all out there that say he is gay U ALL SUCK! GO DIE IN A HOLE! he is the best thing that happend to this earth!

  • to those out there i tink that green day rox and just cuz i wasnt born wen dey came out ( >.< ) doesnt mean i dont luuuv dem and just think billies a looker. i no hes hawt but there is so much more to that boy!!! luv to green day and may da powerd of billie b with u all!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  • Omg billie joe is HOT ok idc what any1 says green day is frikin on fire and I had a dream exactly a month away from billies bday that I would meet him at his bday party! I hope it comes true! I LOVE u billie joe!!!!!!!

  • He has cool hair but…it just looks like he's wearing lipstick 😛 the mascara fits with the band's genre, but his lips are too colourfull :L

  • You're honestly not even going to reference the fact fact he used to dye his hair all the time? That was his, along with the rest of the band's, thing in the '90s.

  • wow, his hair rocks. best celeb. i ever known! is there any site explaining how to style his "messy" hair? i have black hair, oval face, dark brown eyes, and medium length hair. can i pull it off?

  • Wow it’s easy to tell someone wrote this who doesn’t no WTF there talking about. Bullet in a bible is not a famous number it’s a live album haha

  • I’m thinking of cut my hair so it would look like his, but.. I’m not sure if it would look good… I’m a 13 year old girl, you know, so… 🙁

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