Best Men Haircuts For Widow’s Peak

Buzz cut style from Wentworth MillerWentworth Miller widows peak hairstyle.

There is one basic question one must ask himself when trying to decide on the best haircut for widow’s peak. That is the question of whether one wishes to accentuate this feature or try to cover it up.

Zinedine Zidane buzz cut.
Zinedine Zidane buzz cut.

Picture of Terrence Howard short hairstyle.
Terrence Howard short hair.

The best haircuts to accentuate a widow’s peak are usually very short ones. A buzz cut will expose this feature completely. Other short hairstyles will show it off, especially if the hair is pulled back from the forehead.

John Travolta hairstyle.
John Travolta slick back hairstyle

Danny O’Donoghue hair with widows peak. Photos via Danny O’Donoghue Pics

Keanu Reeves long hairstyle.
Keanu Reeves long hairstyle

Photo of Denis Leary hairstyle.
Denis Leary hairstyle.

Long cuts that are parted in the middle are also good for accentuating the point of one’s widow’s peak. However, the best cuts for hiding it are medium to long haircuts that avoid a part in the middle.

Jude Law messy hairstyle
Jude Law hairstyle

The best haircuts to hide it are those that are swept forward and to the sides. Forward swept bangs work very well. Parting the hair on one side or the other is also an option. Of course, one may opt for a conservative cut that allows him to style the hair using random spikes all over the top of the head for that “bed head” appearance as well.

Leonardo DiCaprio Hairstyles
Leonardo DiCaprio hairstyle

Photo of Colin Farrell messy hairstyle.
Colin Farrell messy hairstyle

Sting hairstyle
Sting bangs hairstyle

Photo of Spencer Boldman hairstyle.
Spencer Boldman hairstyle.

Clooney 'Caesar' Cut
George Clooney Caesar Cut

Haircuts do not have quite as much impact on the appearance of a widow’s peak as the way the hair is styled. However, one should consider whether he wishes to accentuate or hide it when choosing a cut. This is because longer haircuts tend to offer more styling options that will hide it while cutting the hair very short will almost certainly make it more prominent.

Bella Lugosi widows peak.
Bella Lugosi widow’s peak

Many like to show it off a little because of the sinister reputation given it by Hollywood. After all, many of the movies’ greatest villains had a very prominent widow’s peak. One of the best examples is Count Dracula as portrayed by Bella Lugosi. This assignment of the feature to villains gives men who flaunt it today an air of mystery and of being a bad boy that many like.


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