8 Important Beard Trimming Tips For Men

A beard can have a profound effect on the appearance of a man. In most cases, it can make him look older, more rugged, and outdoorsy. However, failing to properly groom a beard can make one look completely disheveled and turn more heads away from him than toward him. This is why a man should follow this beard trimming tips to look his best.

  1. The first step, regardless of the style of beard one chooses to wear, is to assemble the proper tools for the job. These can include a good pair of scissors, an electric beard trimmer, or a GoateeSaver. In addition, one should have a good wall mirror and/or one that can be held in the hand and can be used to view the beard from different angles. Shaving gel and a razor are also essential tools for properly trimming and grooming a beard. One is also likely to need a comb with both wide and narrow teeth.

    Photo of Wahl electric beard trimmer.
    Recommended electric beard trimmer.

  2. One should make certain that the beard is completely dry when beginning the trimming process. It is likely that one will cut off more hair than desired if it is wet because wet hair hangs straighter and looks longer.
  3. In the past, most men simply grew a full beard and left it at that. Today, there are many different types of beards and ways to shape it. Therefore, one should decide on the shape and length he wants before he makes the first cut.

    Picture of beard and mustaches shapes.
    Types of beards & mustaches.

  4. Start trimming the beard below the ear. One should make a pass down one side to establish the length desired. Then he should do the other side to keep them both even. Use of an electric trimmer is generally easier because one can put guards on the tool that set the length of the cut and maintain it uniformly throughout the trimming process.
  5. If one wants to wear a partial beard or a goatee, he should use a razor to shave off the unwanted hair. It is important to view the remaining hair from as many angles as possible to ensure that one has sculpted the beard to the desired shape. Remove all the unwanted hair with the razor and shave gel.
  6. The last step is to use the scissors or trimmer to finish shaping the beard and adjusting the length. Remember that it is always easier to cut more hair off than to put it back. Therefore, one should start out leaving the beard relatively long and trim it in small increments until the desired length is reached.
  7. Washing the beard in shampoo with a conditioner is a good way to soften the hair and make the trimming process easier. Many women also prefer their men to have a softer beard that does not scratch them when they are kissing.
  8. Following these beard trimming tips for men can help one to look freshly groomed at all times. After the beard is trimmed, it is a good idea to oil the tools used and make sure that they are free from excess hair strands. This will help ensure that everything is in working order when it is time to trim the beard again.


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