Male Baldness Treatment – Preventing and Reversing Hair Loss

It is estimated that one out of every two men in the United States will manifest symptoms of male pattern baldness be the half century mark of age. In the country, baldness treatment and prevention currently represents a yearly revenue of one billion dollars annually. Unfortunately, many of these so-called baldness cures are little more than expensive examples of the placebo effect. Here are some facts that will help you to determine the best opportunities for preventing and reversing hair loss.

Studies and research have identified DHT or dihydrotestosterone, a hormone that acts on hair follicles, as a key element is hair loss. The other linked cause is a genetic predisposition for sensitivity to DHT. When the hair follicles are sensitive to this type of hormone, the follicles shrink. Eventually, the squeeze on the follicles renders them unable to continue to produce.

The most successful remedies for hair loss are in three areas. Not all three have the same level of hair regrowth. All three remedies will take time for you to be able to see improvement, although hair transplants don’t require months of treatment as do the other two. If you’re looking for successful regrowth of thinning and balding hair, you should review the options of massage, transplants and medication.

Massage therapy is fairly obvious as a solution, although not necessarily successful by itself. The massage brings additional blood circulation to the scalp. It may stimulate healthier hair follicles, simply because the nourishment brought by oxygenated blood gives you better cell building capability.

Transplanting hair plugs from areas such as the back of your head where male pattern baldness is less likely to show up is another way of making your baldness go away. Small plugs including healthy follicles and a strand or two of hair is removed from its original location and grafted onto the front of the scalp where thinning and balding is more visible. Transplants are time consuming and carry some of the risks of other cosmetic surgery procedures. They can also be very successful.

The most effective of the male baldness treatment efforts is medication. The drugs reduce the sensitivity to DHT so that the hair is no longer constricted and unhealthy. When the follicles are healthy, the regrowth can begin. The medication may be topical or oral. It may take up to six months of faithful use of the medications before a significant difference is visible.

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