Alec Baldwin Slicked Back Hairstyle

Men's Hairstyles: Alec Baldwin

This is a neat style for Alec Baldwin, an American actor. A lot of pomade (or styling gel) is required to achieve this slick and shiny look. To achieve this style, comb your wet hair back before applying styling gel. Then, apply it with your fingers & work it through the hair. Comb the sides back & comb the front into a small quiff.
Slick men's hairstyle from Alec Baldwin


  • Boooooooooooring.

    Same old same old slicked back mafia hairdo. Nothing special, we’ve all see the soprano’s before.

    Where is the style?

  • Where's the style? It's classic and will always be stylish – and makes him sexy even though he's gained a lot of weight lately.

    • oh but the brother that played in vampires hair…o my god, it was about dripping. loved his hair. Daniel is his name i think. would love to know what is in his hair on that scene when he holds down the vampire girl..

  • When I was like 13 back in late 2006, I actually plastered my thick brownish hair back with a very good comb and quite a lot of hair putty or pomade which is required to acheive that look. I’m thinking of sporting that classic style again. I must admit, it’s a much better look for me than having a campy and comedic looking hair like Jedward. To acheive that look, I need to just plaster my wet hair right back before applying styling gel. Then I need to apply the gel with my fingers & work through the hair. Plaster the sides back and then finally plaster the front into a small quiff.

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