13 Year Old Boy Haircuts: Top 10 Ideas

13 year old is the first step of the teen phase and is a time to have a fresh and cool hairstyle. For a new teenage boy, it’s best to have a short haircut that does not only look charming but also easy to maintain. But while adopting a new hairstyle it is necessary to consider his personality and mood.

There are endless options of hairstyles for 13 years old boys for all types of hair such as curly, straight, long, short, wavy etc. and we’ve gathered 10 best among these that will make you go ‘wow’.


Cool Hairstyles for 13 Year Old Boys

At the present time, not only the girls concern with the hairstyle but boys also want to try various hairstyle to have a dashing look. Depending on the hair type and the face shape, haircuts vary a lot. Like the adults, teenagers also like to have a new hairstyle for a new appearance that can make them feel more confident. Here are some cool ideas for 13 year old boy haircuts to stand out from the crowd. You can also check these 10 years old boy haircuts.


1. Comb Over Fade

comb over fade for 13 year old boy


2. Taper Fade Cut In Wavy Hair

taper fade hairstyles for 13 year old boy


3. Side Part Haircut

side part haircut for 13 year old boy


4. Hairstyle with Pattern

pattern hairstyles for 13 year old boy


5. Mohawk Haircut

mohawk hairstyles for 13 year old boy


6. Long Top Short Side


7. Undercut With Side Bangs


8. High Top Hairstyle


9. Long Side Bangs

13 year old boy haircuts


10. Fauxhawk With Design

fauxhawk hairstyles for 13 year old boy


No matter what the hairstyle you have adopted the most important things is to be confident with it. These above hairstyles are in trend now and are being followed by many teenagers. So, opt for these trendy hairstyles and try something new!


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